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Just an update:

About a month ago I finally broke down and tore the car apart after my front passenger airmatic shock bursted. I ordered a new arnotts to replace it.

Dissasembly isn't too bad, but the sway bar sure is annoying and always in the way. I did have to break a couple of ball joints loose. I had NAPA press in the new bushing on the control arm.

Re-assembly was a little more challenging because the shock was full of air and the suspension had to be sprung down in order to get it placed in its place on top of the control arm. Again, the sway bar was annoying and in the way. All in all though, it went back together nicely and is back running and driving.

Next are new tires, brakes, and a lower passenger ball joint. (Upon disassembling the front end I found out that one of my lower ball joints, the one I JUST had replaced 6 months ago, has already torn its boot. It was torn before I dissasembled anything so that one was not my fault)
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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