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I've been a member of this valuable site for quite a while, and I thought it is about time I start posting some information, hopefully it will be useful to some of you.

The cup holder door on my S55 AMG was not latching at all and became very annoying, attempts at cleaning the mechanism failed, and it was determined the roller blind assembly had to be replaced due to age. It had nothing to do with the cup holder itself. The part number is A220 680 63 50, and costs about $80+shipping from This repair requires you to remove the entire armrest assembly from the car as the screws for the part are located underneath the console.


1) Remove center arm rest assembly (see instructions curtosey of ackee911)
2) On a clean / soft surface, tilt the arm rest assembly on its side, and locate and remove the 4 mounting torx screws shown (T10 Torx). [PIC 1A]
3) The cup holder roller assembly will easily slide out now
4) Prepare the new cup holder by transfering the wood panel from the old cup holder roller assembly to the new one (Tip: Gently pry up on the wood from the top corner, it will pop off easily, note that you can also install the wood piece after the console is reinstalled in the car to prevent any accidental scratches from the shifter stem touching the wood during re-assembly)

Note: The new roller blind assembly will come with 4 new T10 torx screws and a storage tray which is useless if your car came with a cup holder. It does not come with the cup holder part itself, it must be ordered separately if required.
[PIC 1, 2]

5) Re-assembly is in the reverse order
6) Enjoy a beverage and your cup holder door will now stay closed when you want it to!
[PIC 3]


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Thank you for the post. Before '03 the cup holder was located where the phone compartment is in the later models. Your car, and the information provided, is for MY '03 and later.
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