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'02 G500
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I want to thank everybody who posted advice to my short-lived G55K off road build thread.

However... something came up that scrapped the whole project as I had planned it. Around here (Finland) we have this wonderful thing called automobile tax and preliminary calculations indicate that just importing a registering a G55K will cost me approximately €30k (that's $42k and some change, folks) in taxes. :eek:

Plan B. This might be worth a new thread altogether: how difficult project would it be to transplant a 6.3l M156 engine to a G500 chassis? Mechanically it shouldn't be too tricky, but does anyone have an idea what could/should be done with electronics in order to make it work? Running a standalone engine control system like MOTEC might be an option if absolutely nothing else works, but I'd imagine at least someone, somewhere has done a successful M156 transplant to at least some other '01+ Mercedes chassis.

Currently I've pretty much set on finding a 11/2001+ (love the newer dashboard) G500. Transplant to an earlier G might be easier but, frankly, I'm not too fond of the interior of '90-'01 G:s.
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