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DIY: Fix your PSE (vacuum / compressor pump) [with pictures]

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Since I started getting alot private messages asking how I got mine fixed. Then I spared one night to post this up.




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Now go to junkyard and depends what problem you had, make a purchase.
For me it costed 118$ USD with tax included, 100$ without tax.
They may ask for more, just tell them the price you would pay for it and you will get it.

1. If you had broken diagraph.
Buy exactly same PSE, look for product code on white label from your PSE.
Take yours with you to compare at junkyard.
Test it in front of junkyard to prevent driving twice.
Before testing it make sure your car stereo works, if it's dead then change it's fuse before you go to junkyard.
Well they have fuses there too incase you forget to swap it or kill it twice.

2. If you had broken Vacuum/Compressor pump. Eg it had spark but didn't start to work.
Don't bother taking it in pieces to see if it's motor is okay. You won't get it's motor separately from any shop, neither factory.
Simply factory won't sell under 500 units at once and without project you want to use it with.
Just look for vacuum/compressor type code from top of your PSE cover *not white label!*

Incase you decided to go into lower cost and still took whole vacuum/compressor pump apart:
It doesn't have marked on what type that motor is. It took me a while to find it out.
It's Johnson Motor NC613LM-001

    * Motors

Product type 	

    * Johnson Motor PMDC motors

Typical markets 	

    * business machines
    * consumer electronics
    * floor care

Typical applications 	

    * printers
    * plotters
    * joysticks
    * hand-held vac


    * Ø 35.8 x 57, shaft Ø 3.17 mm


    * this motor is developed for high torque and efficiency required for cordless power tool applications.


    * nominal 14.4 VDC


    * @ constant 5.242 mNm/A

Pole number 	

    * 3


    * 391 g

-This is made thanks to help of Cemty OÜ at who hosts these pictures.
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same problem

Has this worked for you swapping for that motor
yeah, it's always unfortunate when a great photo packed DIY dead ends when
the photo hosting account expires. i didn't happen to save them either like I
sometimes do when the thread is value packed.

but here are a few alternatives on the chance it may help someone....
PSE repair

the w140 models, those guys are quite skilled at maintaining their even older
equipment, for example as well as this
yeah, it's always unfortunate when a great photo packed DIY dead ends when the photo hosting account expires.
...especially when the pics can be hosted on this site for nothing. :)
I have recieved multiple requests about restoring the pictures. I see what can be done. Might be able to find them from external HD.
Got them back up. I believe back in 2009 there was no possibility uploading them over here. Or I slightly remember something about requirement of being Premium member to do that. Anyhow if anyone likes you are very welcome to copy paste this guide anywhere or download and reupload these pictures to anywhere else. For backup or whatever other reason.

Seems quide has been quite useful over time.
Anyone having any luck with finding "Johnson Motor NC613LM-001"? I took my apart and the motor is on it last legs.

Also my PSE is model 2008002748, would model 2108001348 be a straight swap, looks identical -- without going to dealer?

found one on ebay, worst case would just swap out motor, but would be easier if plug and play
Also, Open the pump chamber and clean the pump chamber with denatured alcohol(or contact cleaner)from the home center using swabs.

Does anybody know the part number for the PSE on an 01 w210 (fwiw - post facelift and wagon)?

My local parts yard has one off of a '99 but, I don't know if it is interchangeable. Also, any direction on where to find this out would be appreciated. Thanks.
A few years ago I had problems with the PSE pump on my 1998 E320 wagon running for extended periods. I disassembled it and found the motor was failing. I managed to find an exact replacement motor on ebay and, after rebuilding, the pump works as good as new. If you think that may be the problem with your PSE pump and are willing to rebuild it here is the ebay listing. It cost $8 with free shipping.
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