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DIY & FAQ: General Info, Climate Control, Electrical

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As these cars are now beginning to get older, more and more of us are attempting to DIY various repairs and routine maintenance. The DIY sections will now be divided up into more appropriate sub-categorized stickies for easier navigation when looking for a particular resource in general.

We will be following a similar system used in the 210 section, as suggested to me by another member for it's ease of use.

To avoid clutter, I'll be maintaining and adding resources to each thread, but I welcome any and all suggestions and additions via PM. For example: if you have brochure PDFs or an Owner's Manual PDF you'd like to submit under this general section, PM me the thread link and I'll get it added with credit to you for the submission.

The goal will be contain an archive of all the DIY threads in these stickies, leaving questions and discussions to be held in the appropriate stickies without cluttering up the main DIY category threads.

As always, ensure your vehicle is completely and utterly secure before getting underneath to avoid injury or death. Use only quality ramps, jacks, etc., when attempting to support your vehicle.

Lastly, if you feel anything is misplaced, or best placed elsewhere, please let me know and I will correct it if it makes logical sense.

Thank you all!
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Climate Control

2011 E350 Fuse Diagram - Toptick
Homelink Setup - jzchen
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