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DIY Exhaust modification

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Hi guys, I own a 115cdi and wanted an easy mod that would reduce the turbo lag and increase power.
The van originally had one muffler and no cat or particular filter fitted from factory.
The original muffler was a 6" * 11" oval that was 26" long, I replaced it with a hi flow 6" round that is 24" long.
The result is smoother acceleration with no lag, more power, better fuel economy and a great exhaust note.


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Excellent work, only I can't see the image(s)
I am a big fan of cheap/free mods :D
Ah sweet, can see it now.

Looks tidy. Do you get a chirp when you change gear?
Anything that gives more MPG and power is a god send!
Forgot to say, those pipes in particular are prone to rusting/falling apart at the joint where it comes out of the box.
Now that is interesting.
I wonder how much BHP increase you get from this mod alone.
I assume the turbo spools up nice and early now too!?

I think I'll lose my last box soon... A 4" straight through would be nice.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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