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Disconnected SBC for brake job but...

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...I opened the drivers door while doing brake job because I needed my work keys and swipe card this morning. Got the RED warning lights after opening the door but no alarms etc. and after shutting the door the car went back to sleep.

I would of had the job done this weekend but the brake pads for the front didn't fit as they should (Wearever Platinum ceramics, listed to fit the 05 e320 4 matic...don't buy these) so had to reorder.

I disconnected the SBC before starting the pad replacement, front & rear with sensors,, got the rears done. I'll finish the fronts then reconnect the SBC.

Will it clear itself after I pump the brakes to seat and put the key in?,,or maybe after a couple of ignition starts?
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Thanks FLMbenz, I got the pads and sensors installed...went OK and the red lights went away within a couple on off starts. I did have a small puddle of brake fluid come out of the reservoir and on to the floor after pumping the brake pedal and the SBC kicked in ( had the cap on tight too) ??? ...anyway the reservoir level looks the same.

Problem is Im still getting the Service Brake Visit Workshop message only after a couple of depressions to the brake pedal (one time only) then I reset it while driving and I don't see it again ,,,till I shut the car off then it says

I had to fight the drivers front sensor to get it in and think I might have bent the prong on it that goes in the pad too much, or I got air in the system IDK

I made sure the sensors were plugged in tight.. I rechecked the rear passenger one ,thought maybe that was it but secured it again.

Car has 73k on it so I hope its not the SBC, . If it was the brake light switch at the pedal Id get the message more often?
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Update...changed the front drivers sensor with one I personally got from MB dealer. Visit workshop message still comes on but only once shortly after starting and driving car and using the brakes,,,like it did before I changed the sensor I reset it and it does not come on again until I shut the car off, then I get the BRAKE service workshop message.

Would it act like this if it were the brake light switch?, or would a bad brake light switch make the message come on several times while driving and using the brakes?
"It might" fix it but I'd like to hear from others if my particular sequence is typical for a bad BLS
No pinched wires...I'm 100% sure of that.every move except botching the install of the front sensor which I replaced.

A couple of times I complete a trip without the BRAKE SERVICE VISIT WORKSHOP message coming on.

But generally the message appears after a few depressions on the brake pedal, I clear it and I'm good till I shut it off then I get a ONE message notification, which I don't clear as it disappears when the car goes to sleep till I drive it again.
1 yes 2cap loose 3 moved in smoothly 4 yes 5 the first one yes I forced it and replaced it with OEM sensor which pushed in fine 6 no I t was new so I didn't check it 7 no, sometimes it comes on when I open the door but not more than 2-4 seconds

But this is not a priority right now as I clipped a deer on the way home tonight and will be taking it to the body shop tomorrow..I got a message for no low beam right side.

Knocked the passenger head light out and pushed the grill surround in :eek:
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