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Disconnected SBC for brake job but...

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...I opened the drivers door while doing brake job because I needed my work keys and swipe card this morning. Got the RED warning lights after opening the door but no alarms etc. and after shutting the door the car went back to sleep.

I would of had the job done this weekend but the brake pads for the front didn't fit as they should (Wearever Platinum ceramics, listed to fit the 05 e320 4 matic...don't buy these) so had to reorder.

I disconnected the SBC before starting the pad replacement, front & rear with sensors,, got the rears done. I'll finish the fronts then reconnect the SBC.

Will it clear itself after I pump the brakes to seat and put the key in?,,or maybe after a couple of ignition starts?
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so the brake message that is generated from the sensor has to deal with continuity of the circuit. When the brake pad wears to the point that it contacts the sensor it breaks the connection. It is possible that you pinched a wire in the circuit. If I had a wiring diagram it would be easier to tell but you should be able to get a good continuity reading between the two leads on the plug for the car. If you cannot get one there then the circuit is broken upstream of the sensor. I would check that out first before diving into too much.
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