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Disconnected SBC for brake job but...

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...I opened the drivers door while doing brake job because I needed my work keys and swipe card this morning. Got the RED warning lights after opening the door but no alarms etc. and after shutting the door the car went back to sleep.

I would of had the job done this weekend but the brake pads for the front didn't fit as they should (Wearever Platinum ceramics, listed to fit the 05 e320 4 matic...don't buy these) so had to reorder.

I disconnected the SBC before starting the pad replacement, front & rear with sensors,, got the rears done. I'll finish the fronts then reconnect the SBC.

Will it clear itself after I pump the brakes to seat and put the key in?,,or maybe after a couple of ignition starts?
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I just read the entire thread , I have some questions:
1- How did you remove the old pads? Did you put a C clamp against the piston and pushed it back?
2- While removing the old pads, was the reservoir cap on tight or removed?
3- Did the caliper piston move back easily or did you have to fight it?
4- Is the fluid level between min and max in the reservoir?
5- When you had trouble inserting the sensor into the pad, did you force it in or drilled the hole to the proper size?
6- Have you done a continuity check on the sensors(ohmmeter)
7- Does the SBC pump activate for more than a few seconds when you open the door after its been asleep? i.e does it go on for 5 or 10 seconds?
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