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Ok, I found this car for sale on line that is too good to just completely pass up. It is a 2002 C32. I found it being sold for 14,000 dollars and it only has 6500 miles on it. I emailed the seller and he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and he just needs the money. I emailed back asking for the VIN so I could run it through carfax(if someone here could do it, that would be greatly appreciated). I also told him that if the VIN checked out, I would go out and see it or have do it(the locaton is listed as beverly hills). In his response, he gave me the VIN, but would not give me more pictures like I asked, and he said he was in Greece right now and the car is with him, so it would be hard to go out and look at it or have it checked out. All this, combined with his broken English makes me very nervous.

Should I even keep trying with this car or should I pass and move on?
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