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I pick up the 1984 190D in two weeks (the owner has been in and out of town, and we couldn't meet to change the title over). In the meanwhile, I have been looking for manuals, etc.

Still haven't been able to find a listed 190D differential on the internet.


A. Where to get one (a reliable source) if I go used?

B. Can these be rebuilt, and if so, how much do they usually run to get it done? I have a place about an hour from here that reportedly does them, but I have no other price estimates to know if they have good rates or not.

Ideally, it is going to be an off-the-car rebuild (I'll pull it myself unless I run into major time constraints).

And, as an addenda--someone pointed out to me that the 190E differential of 3.2ish would make it slower to accellerate than the 3.4 of the original--I know the Diesels are slow as a matter of course. Is there an acceptable (drop in with no fitting) substitute from another model that will work?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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