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1992 190E 2.3 Red 1997 Camaro SS
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I've been listening to my diff. noise for bout 2 years so far. I had it verified at a few place and got quote over $2,000 CAD to fix, which I did not do since the car is 1992 with 180 000km.
I finally remove the diffential from the car and after openint it, I found that all the gear are all fine and the noise come from the front bearing where the differential gets connected to the drive shaft.

Is the diferential bearing easy to replace or should I sent to a shop? Does anyone knows out to remove the differential front bearing.

Also in the process of remoning the differential I pierce the CV joint outer casing, is CV joint outer casing sold separatly or do I have to replace the complete CV joint.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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