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Although my car isn't a Mercedes, the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that i own is equipped with a Mercedes engine (2,7L Diesel, Wikipedia says it's an OM647 engine) and many other Mercedes parts.

As my car is having a problem (the "check engine" light is always on, and there's an error: P0243 -turbo/super charger wastegate solenoid A open or shorted condition detected in the turbo charger wastegate solenoid control circuit), i found out that i should need to change the Pressure Converter (as i am not speaking english natively, i hope this is the right term).

My car's pressure converter has the following code: 000 545 0527. While i was searching for the same part, i found out on the internet that there is a similar part (code 000 545 0427) that looks alike and should do the same thing.

So by posting on this forum i'd like to know what are the differences between the two parts and if the 0427 part would work on my car.

Thanks in advance :)!
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