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difference between 1984 2.3 and 1985 2.3

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What is the difference between a 1984 2.3 8V and a 1985 2.3 8V? I know someone who has a 1984 with 80K and I can get the engine for almost nothing. Runs very well. I have a 1985 2.3 8V and was wondering if I could just swap the 84 motor in.
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No, no the 1984 is different. It is a 102.961 not a 102.985. The 84 is obvioulsy the first production year and is driven w/ v-belts. The 85-93 190 2.3 is a serpentine belt. While a lot of the parts are the same, it is more of a headache than anything. If you have to a drop in motor for that car is applicable from 1985-1986 ONLY. You can swap a later 90's 2.3 engine into it, but you have to change a few things. You would need to swap the intake manifolds/fuel system, exhaust manifolds and ignition distributor. Good luck
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