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As you may or may not br aware I drive my 430 to its limits and will race anyone who wants to. Generally speaking the 430 does very well it either wins or roughly matches the performance of most performance cars. I have only lost to a couple of cars such as the new M5 and Lancia Integrale.

However the other night I was completely surprised by a C270 DIESEL we were on the motorway (freeway). We took of from standstill and he was next to me until about 50mph and I had to really push my car to get any distance and it took me until 80/90 mph to get a 4 car length lead.

Aparently the 270 has 295 tq same as the 430 and there is also a 320 CDI which has the same level of torque as an AMG. I also heard in Germany there is an SL400 diesel that is a V8. I find it a bit concerning that these days we have to be on guard for diesel cars.[:(]

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2008 E550: Miss my 2002 CLK55AMG Cab
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I test drove an 06 E320 CDI, three weeks ago. I was impressed. Certainly not as quick as my CLK55 AMG, but at 37mpg and scooting right along it was neat.

In a moment of confusion, I tried to trade my 39K miles 55 cabriolet in on the CDI. Luckily, the dealership low balled me at $32K for my car. So I walked...since then...with the help of my forum family (thanks all) I am keeping the 55.

Bottom line though...if I had the extra $$ ... I would have both cars.
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