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4 Year 48K Mile Warranty and $2000 or 10 Year 120,000 Mile Warranty?

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Diesel Emission Modification Extended Warrenty Poll

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OK, so my 2012 E350 Bluetec qualifies for the Complimentary Emission Modification and I can get either a 4 year/48,000 mile Extended Warranty and $2000.or a 10 year 120,000 mile Warranty. The 10 year Warranty sounds like the way to go, under normal circumstances... But I am hearing that there are problems with the modification including engine issues so I wonder if this car will still be running in 10 years. I have 100K on the engine and the car is in great shape in all regards. Yeah $2000 sounds nice but any engine problem will run a lot more than $2000, a whole lot more... I had planned on keeping the car for at least another 200K.

I would like to hear from you guys/gals that have had the modification. What is the consensus regarding the 4year VS 10 year warranty?

I appreciate your response.
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Well poo poo, I would probably take the $3200 with the 4 year warranty... They only offered me $2K. So I called 2 weeks ago for an appointment and they said they had to order the parts. Called today and was told the parts are on back order from Germany. Problem, the warranty and money offer expires ends 3/31/23 so MBZ so needs to get something together here. $3200. Really? That kind of chaffs my hide some... just cuz your car is a year older?
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