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1973 280 SEL 4.5
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As a followup to my question earlier regarding gold metallic exterior, was the 1999 - 2002 E55 available in the lighter (beige/tan) leather interiors?

All I have seen are 1) black (boring), 2) two-tone black with white inserts (looks like someone skinned a skunk) and 3) two-tone black with burgundy inserts (best of the lot).

Has anyone seen the lighter interior colors?


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To answer your "interior" question here is what I saw in my vintage brochure :)
This is only for E55 - brochure published 2001.

interior colors are:
a. 2-tone Charcoal/Ruby (no mention of *wood trim color )
b. 2-tone Charcoal/Grey (no mention of *wood trim color)
*But I'm guessing that it is birdseye maple

c. Charcoal/Charcoal

They also indicate other interior colors are available as special order option.
(that would have meant $$$$)

For designo edition: light brown leather for Espresso edition
Dark Green/Charcoal for Silver edition

So for the black/white combination maybe it was available on the earlier or
preupdate version. No beige or tan colored interiors. Although olive color interiors would have been a great combination with the darker color exteriors

If I had a scanner, I'd scan this whole book and publish it here.
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