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, 2012 S600L designo, 2003 W211 220 CDI
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2009 S320 CDI:

my car was stood for 3 weeks unused, went to start up and it would not start, everything normal on the display and no warnings but turn key to start and nothing, no noise, nothing. everything else worked and Lights were in Auto mode. turned lights to off and then she started strait away. however my engine check light is now on. Car has only done 22,000 miles and has recently had an 02 sensor and particulate sensor replaced. As the car is now 3 montsh out of warrantee I dont want to Pay MB £100 just to reset the light. I know how to do it on the steering wheel but before i do, any ideas on why this would happen.

i was thinking maybe the battery was very low thats why it woudl not start with auto lights on, I have driven it about 5 miles, swiched off and on a couple of times and it starts up ok, just the check lite on
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