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I got myself new alloy wheels (and 60mm ORC spacers, which I defenitly needed).

But when I wanted to put them on my G, I saw that the "real old" style alloys (for sale by the way) were mounted with the bolts for steel wheels !

So I consulted Harald's site and found my new Atik alloys and matching bolts (A140 400 01 70) as I thought that Atik was a new style alloy.

Result: bolts were sticking out to far ! see picture.

Amazingly Mercedes delivered 19 85mm bolts and 1 69 mm bolt, so I turned the mistake on them and had them order the other 69mm bolts - Giving me today picture perfect alloys :)

What did I do wrong, or are the Atik Alloy "Old" -style ? Or are the super long bolts only for the Ashtaroths ?

PS: This is in no way criticising the very informative 4X4 abc site !


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