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Diagnostic Codes

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Does anyone have a listing of the diagnostic codes for the later model 190's? I think im getting some trouble at full throttle so i wanted to check with my multimeter.

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1990-1993 Trouble Codes Edit/Delete this post Reply with quote Delete this post View IP address of poster

1990-1993: W201 with 2.3L M102 engine
Flashes------- Fault
1 No System Malfunction
2 Throttle Valve Swttch
3 Coolant Temperature Sensor
4 Airflow Sensor Position Indicator
5 Oxygen Sensor
6 Not Used
7 Td Signal
8 Altitude Correction Capsule
9 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA)
10 Throttle Valve Switch and/or Idle Speed Contact
11 Not Used
12 EGR Temperature Sensor

1991-1993: W201 with 2.6L M103 engines
Flashes------- Fault
1 No faults in system
2 Throttle Valve Switch (Full Throttle Contact)
3 Coolant Temperature Sensor
4 Airflow Sensor Potentiometer
5 Oxygen Sensor
6 Not Used
7 TNA (Engine RPM) Signal
8 Altitude Pressure Signal From EZL Ignition Control Unit
9 Current To Electro-hydraulic Actuator
10 Throttle Valve switch (Idle Contact)
11 Air Injection System
12 AbsoIute Pressure Valves From EZL Ignition Control Unit
13 Intake Air Temperature Signal
14 Road Speed Signal At CIS-E Control Unit
15 Not Used
16 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
17 Oxygen Sensor Signal
18 Current To Idle Speed Air Valve
19 Not Used
20 Not Used
21 Not used
22 Oxygen Sensor Heating Current
23 Short Circuit To Positive In Regeneration Switch over Valve Circuit
24 Not Used
25 Short Circuit To Positive in Start Valve Circuit
26 Short Circuit To Positive In Shift Point Retard Circuit
27 Data Exchange Fault Between CIS-E Control Unit and EZL ignition Control Unit
28 Loose Contact In Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
29 Difference In Coolant Temperatures Between CIS-E Control Unit and EZL Ignition Control Unit
30 Not Used
21 Loose Contact In Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
32 Not Used
33 Not Used
34 Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor Signal from EZL Ignition Control Unit
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Bless you sir.
Someone posted a scanned in image of an uber long list of fault codes. Anyone have it? Specifically, for a 1989 190E 2.6?

Hey rahOul,
How do you get the codes out with a volt meter?
There are two different code sources, there is an LED relay and then there's the X11 port.
Isn't the led relay on the California versions only?
Calif. Model 1992 2.8 Code 3 ( 3 flashes ) - coolant Temp Sensor.

Temp guage on the dash works just fine. 80 C - might get to 95 C in traffic and on occasion 100 C and the Aux fan comes on for a bit.

Ok, which one?


1. temp switch for Magnetic Fan coupling and second stage Aux Fan.
2. Temp Switch for A/C Comp.
3. Thermal Valve for Ignition Switch over
4. Temp Switch for Manifold Heater.
5. Temp for CFI control, ignition and CFI control
6. for CFI injection system.
7.. Temp Sensor for instrument cluster.

I have all of them on mine.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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