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An update...I have performed the smoke test three times:
The first, I had smoke coming from around the throttle body, but could not see exactly where.
The second, I had smoke coming out of the ERG valve.
The third, I had smoke coming from both places.

I probably just didn't notice all the smoke in the first 2 tests.

I tried to remove the EGR valve and see if I could get it working. I got all the nuts off, but I could not pull the EGR valve from the pipe. It turns freely and moves in and out a few mm, but doesn't come off.

Any ideas what is needed to remove the EGR valve from the pipe? I don't want to break that pipe. It looks like it would be a bear to replace.

I can't see where the smoke is coming from around the throttle body. I've tried an inspection mirror, but it is very tight in there.

I'm trying to decide if I want to take on the job of disassembling everything necessary to get to the throttle body. I may just take it to my new mechanic and be done with it.

Also, I used the vacuum line to the brake booster to do the smoke test. I found brake fluid in that line. I think that means I need to replace the master cylinder or booster or both.

For the brake fluid, remove the master cylinder and suction out the fluid from the booster. If it is more than 100CCs youll need to replace the booster.

Definitely replace the master cylinder.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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