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Note: I have updated the description below, which had been incorrect about re-installing the clips.

Having owned many cars over a 40 year period, I find that one of the most vulnerable areas to rust and corrosion is the very bottom edge of any of the doors. The worst door for this is the drivers door, which is the most exposed to passing cars and slop in the inclement weather areas. If these door edges are not fully cleaned and waxed periodically, a rusted door results.

Don't keep your cars long, and rust is not an issue for you, then you don't care and you may skip this post.

P.s., I suspect many of the MB have the same system on their doors, as discussed here, but I haven't researched that yet. This post applies to an R350.

On my 06 MB R350, MB has installed a rubber-like protective strip along the lower edge of the doors, which is held in place by 10-12 small black clips. The clips fit into an oval or elongated hole in the rubber strip, thence into an oval or elongated hole the metal of lower door edge.

These clips must be removed, in order to remove the strip and to clean out the door interior and clean and wax the door.

If you know of a tool to remove the clips, let me know. Otherwise, I have created a tool to remove the clips. I have fabricated it of spring steel, and it both very slim and yet strong. It is the correct thinness to slide under and into the clip, as well as the correct width to fit between the two legs on the clip.

When my tool is inserted, I rotate the clip 90 degrees, which allows it to clear the oval hole in the door and be popped out!

NOTE: If you try to pop out the clip, before rotating it, you will break it! The dealer gets about $9/each I think (broke one don't you know). Rotating the clip first is indicated!

After cleaning the door edge, preferably steam cleaning the door lower interior I give it a good shot of WD40. I also clay bar the door paint, and give it a liberal coat of wax.

I also give the rubber strip a good cleaning, and coat it with Armor All or other rubber protectant.


The clips can be popped into all their holes in the rubber strip, while it is off the car. This is actually fairly easy. Although the clips must be rotated 1/4 turn to pop them off the door, they are re-installed into the strip in the original orientation. The clips are pushed into the strip with one leg to the upper and the other leg to the lower. In fact, they cannot be pushed fully into the holes in the strip with the clip legs aligned with the oval of each hole.

After all the clips have been re-inserted back into the strip off the car, the strip is re-positioned back on the car. One by one the clips can be pushed into the holes in the door and this is also an easy, low effort process using with thumb pressure. The clips will pop back into the door, hold the strip in place.

If the clips are installed into the strip off the car correctly, the clips will already be rotated back to the factory orientation, which then firmly holds the strip.

I would like to pull the strips and clean the door edges annually. That is by the old MB book, back in the day.
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