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Has anyone tried or had dents in the rear wheel arch fixed? possible paint free repair? is there clearance or openning to the inside of the fender right by wheel arch?

It's dark out to look myself, not to mentions if anyone has done it or looked before, you'll save me the time it takes to take the carpet off to look.. :)

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Sorry to hear about that......Yes, it can be fix.... My friend got it pull out by the paint-less dent remover guy here in LA...... I don't know about your area...... Just google for your area and give them a call...... 2 way of pulling your dent on the rear wheel arch....

1. drill a small hole at the door jammer.... Not the door I'm talking about..;)... after that they use a special tool to pull the dent.... when it all done they put a small cap at the door jammer.... cant tell..... 10 minutes job.....

2. Take the roof off and work in the soft top compartment and tearing your interior apart depend where the dent is..... 2 hours job..... and cost a lot....

Route 1 is your best shot.....
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