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Defective Water Pump

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I drive a 2004 CLK320, today I heard a clicking noise from the car and looking into the engine bay, I saw liquid dripping out of a device in the bottom of the fan belt. After I drove for a while, a malfunction alert came on asking me to check the coolant level. I guess I have a defective water pump.

Is it a big job to replace the water pump? What is the ball-part figure?

In other cars with timing belt, it is recommended to change the timing belt every 100K km. It is recommended to change the water pump at the same time. Since my 2004 CLK320 has a timing chain, I never changed the chain or the water pump. After 200K km, I guess it is time.

I will add some coolant tomorrow before driving it to the dealership. Is there anything else I should change when replacing the water pump?
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Not sure what it's called. These belts sit in the front part of the engine, now I known their proper name.
My car is 2004, it's probably a good idea to change these serpentine belts as well. Are these belts expensive?
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