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Deep Cleaning

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Almost every square inch of the interior of my car is disgusting. Probably 46 years of dirt. I've bought some Chemical Bother's upholstery cleaner and used it at the lowest dilution. Scrubbing and scrubbing with a stiff bristled brush on the inside of the driver's door, the driver's seat (MBTex I think) and the padded "horseshoe" section at the back and I am disappointed. I don't see any real improvement. My fingers have pruned though! :D

I see that in the past Aerospace 303 is recommended for protecting and also Lexol, but what about deep cleaning? Is there something out there that can do wonders for my tired old interior? šŸ§ Should I get one of those brush attachments for my drill? :p

Thanks, Andy
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i used simple green on mine. I didn't realise what colour my door trims were. It took a couple of applications. Then i applied a liberal amount of 303, and with latex gloves on rubbed it in and left it overnight. You don't want too much scrubbing or harsh chemicals if it's only a build up of grime.
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