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Decals / labels / stickers challenge

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Hello fellow Mercedesians,

As my / Eleanor’s resto journey is coming to a happy end (as evidenced Off to the races! and 1979 450SL Interior and dashboard refresh) one of the last steps will be replacing the stickers all around. Over the years I’ve compiled a bunch of them, and whilst I’m fairly certain where some of the belong I’m not sure about the sub-lot shown in the second pic.

So, I’ll appreciate if you could take a look and advise - I hope between all the R107’s out there we can figure out the correct location and position. Thanks in advance!

Decals all

Decals missing
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Thanks Aussie, hopefully some other folks come through with feedback. I'm pretty sure some of the labels were not for R107, or maybe for the US / specific market rather than regular ROTW.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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