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Dealership in NorthEast FLorida

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I am new to this forum and looking to purchase a
C320 Sport Sedan. I would like to know if anyone is from the Northeast Florida area in this forum and who is the best dealership in this area of Florida. I have been to Brumos in Jacksonville and have been given bad information just to try and make a sell.
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Mercedes of Orlando is Great...

The sales and service is staff is super, I can give you the name of the salesperson I worked with if you want. I also dealt with some dealers in the south, but the treatment was much like a "insert your domestic/asian name here" type, as I guess they work on the volume of sales in south florida.

Also consider that if you will still need to deal with a dealer close to you when your car needs service. They may not want to give you a loaner if you didn't buy from them.

I would think you could get a better price in a bigger city though, so Jacksonvile might work better. I would suggest going to at least 2 dealers and hearing their offers before making a decision.
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