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Dealer performed 1000-3000 miles service without customer consent

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Hi, folks,

If you read my previous post, you know how much trouble I had with my Jan '06 built ML500. After I got my car back from my most recent dealer visit to replace the power tail gate assembly, I just noticed that on the invoice, my 1k-3k free service has been peroformed without my consent. [:(!]

I am very unhappy about this because I think anything to be performed on my car needed to be okayed by me, even if it is free of charge. I did not want to do my 1k-3k service when I just hit 1k miles right before the car was sent to the dealer.

I haven't contacted the dealer but I am sure the answer will be "don't worry, it's free of charge" "we save you one trip to the dealership".. BS like that. Should I contact MB directly or is there anything I can do? BTW, this dealer is in San Jose near Capitol Expressway.

Thanks for your help...
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firstmb - 4/15/2006 3:31 AM

BRIANAMELIA - 4/15/2006 2:23 AM

I think I would be happy if my dealer serviced my car FOC .I think Id be happy and accept graciously what seems a nice gesture.
Bri, 1K-3K Mile service is free, complimentary of MBUSA. Dealer did not do any favor to him, and Dealers will never do any stuff FOC. I would be mad too if they did something without my permission.
Yes, the 1k-3k mile service is free for all '06 MLs and I can choose any MB dealer to do it anytime within 1k-3k miles.I am sure the dealer that performs the service will be paid by MBUSA somehow. My sales advisor told me try to do it later (closer to 3k) and that's what I planned to do... Now I am forced to do it right on 1k miles [V]
shoremnj1 - 4/16/2006 8:26 PM

I think many people over-react in this forum. They did it, big deal. They fixed your tailgate......did you say thank you for that?
The point is, they did something to your property without asking you. No matter it's free or going to cost you, I don't think it's professional to do anything without owner's consent. Not to mention I had daily conversation with the service advisor so they should have plenty opputunities to ask me for that.

The bottomline is - they did something without asking me and did not even bother to tell me even after the work is done. I only found that out after discovering the service sheet inside my car and then checked on my invoice.. :-( You are happy with that? Good for you. But I am not..
Thanks FolsomML350 for the info..

I think whether this service is a big deal or not is not the point here. The fact that the service advisor did not ask for my consent and did not even bother to tell me it has been done afterward (even though I talked to him on daily basis) makes me mad.

Imagine this - If I don't discover the service sheet in the car and found out the service has been done and I scheduled the 1-3k service when I hit 3k miles. I then bring the car to the dealer and later find the service has been done. Whose time wasted? That will be mine..
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