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Dealer performed 1000-3000 miles service without customer consent

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Hi, folks,

If you read my previous post, you know how much trouble I had with my Jan '06 built ML500. After I got my car back from my most recent dealer visit to replace the power tail gate assembly, I just noticed that on the invoice, my 1k-3k free service has been peroformed without my consent. [:(!]

I am very unhappy about this because I think anything to be performed on my car needed to be okayed by me, even if it is free of charge. I did not want to do my 1k-3k service when I just hit 1k miles right before the car was sent to the dealer.

I haven't contacted the dealer but I am sure the answer will be "don't worry, it's free of charge" "we save you one trip to the dealership".. BS like that. Should I contact MB directly or is there anything I can do? BTW, this dealer is in San Jose near Capitol Expressway.

Thanks for your help...
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Please note that the first service visit, 1k-->3k, only does a diagnostic check and Q&A with the customer. When I had a power lift gate issue and went back to the dealer, they checked the diagnostics [computer] to be sure there was no issue there. Thus, when you went back in, what they did was to check the computer for any stored codes to see if anything was amiss which might be contributing to your problem. Part of checking the liftgate function would include looking for any stored codes in the computer. Naturally, they read whatever codes were stored - i.e. the 1k-->3k service.

Actually, they did not do anything TO your vehicle.
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