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Dealer performed 1000-3000 miles service without customer consent

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Hi, folks,

If you read my previous post, you know how much trouble I had with my Jan '06 built ML500. After I got my car back from my most recent dealer visit to replace the power tail gate assembly, I just noticed that on the invoice, my 1k-3k free service has been peroformed without my consent. [:(!]

I am very unhappy about this because I think anything to be performed on my car needed to be okayed by me, even if it is free of charge. I did not want to do my 1k-3k service when I just hit 1k miles right before the car was sent to the dealer.

I haven't contacted the dealer but I am sure the answer will be "don't worry, it's free of charge" "we save you one trip to the dealership".. BS like that. Should I contact MB directly or is there anything I can do? BTW, this dealer is in San Jose near Capitol Expressway.

Thanks for your help...
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BRIANAMELIA - 4/15/2006 2:23 AM

I think I would be happy if my dealer serviced my car FOC .I think Id be happy and accept graciously what seems a nice gesture.
Bri, 1K-3K Mile service is free, complimentary of MBUSA. Dealer did not do any favor to him, and Dealers will never do any stuff FOC. I would be mad too if they did something without my permission.
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