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Dead Sunroof

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After a ride this morning I noticed (from the outside) that my sunroof was not all the way up in the back. Messed around opening and closing it a little - now it comes within an inch or so of closing but won’t close any further. Decided to try and “tilt� the roof up – it closed all the way and tilted up. Played with it a little more and now it is slightly tilted up and won’t move. Any ideas? I can here the motor, so the fuse should be okay. What would cause this is in the first place?


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1. Have you tried lubricating the outter seal in case it is cauing the roof to stick?

2. The actual metal roof is connected to the mechanism with two 10mm nuts on each side. If one has come loose, it will cause the symptons you are suffering from.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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