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Stepping on the gas peddle, the car slightly lunges and immediately bogs down from the load on the engine. The car crawls until it reaches a little over 1000 RPMs and then picks up about how it should. The problem is intermittent. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to reach the RPM at which the car picks up...and sometimes there is NO drag when accelerating. It doesn't SEEM to be ambient temperature dependant, nor dependant on engine temperature. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relay (brand new fuel filter already present). I've also replaced the catalytic converter, pre catalytic converter, all transmission fluids (including draining the torque converter), idle control valve/warm up regulator, and replaced the fuel distributor with one from another car to see if that was the problem. No difference. Is there anything under my fuse box that could be related to my engine sensing RPMs and adjusting power accordingly? I know one fuse under there even controls electronics for the transmission. Oh yeah, also my temperature and oil pressure gauges broke about a month ago. About that same time I noticed that the car's dead spot problem was much worse (it took longer to reach the 1000 RPM mark and pick up speed) and no amount of pedal pressing would make my car downshift, at ANY speed. The broken temperature gauge had my auxillary cooling fan running constantly. I unplugged it and the lightened ELECTRICAL load seems to have brought my dead spot problem back to the severity it was at before. How is this possible??
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