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Dead Mercedes-Benz S350TD 1996 LHD

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I am a little stuck and need help from a very very nice person <br>
1. Where is the elec fuel pump located. <br>
2. How fast does the fuel flow from this pump to the in- line fuel filter located under bonnet when the car is running or being turned on/over. In my car it just trickcles out with out any pressure. Is this right ? If not does the pump or tank have a filter ? <br>
3.Is the factory fitted alarm/imobliser controled by the ignition switch and locking unlocking the doors? <br>
4. How common is it for the Elec parts of the ignition to fail. <br>
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Don't know about the fuel, but the electrical is strange. I just had to buy a new wiring harness for my 94 S350 because the 7 year old factory one completely fell apart. The insulation desinagrated and all I had left is bare wire!<br> <br> Question: I thought 95 was the last year for the S350, did they make them in 96 also?<p>
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