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Although most here who buy and sell are fellow enthusiasts who just want to share the love (and spare parts) around, we do have a few who seem to think that ripping people off is an easy way to make money.

As it says in the 'Read this First' sticky - if you are one of those, you will get named and shamed.

What is proposed is that if you are the victim of a complete rip-off merchant then you can let one of the moderators here know and they will add their name to this list.

We are not interested in the one off transaction where the seller thought the item was an 8/10 and you think it is a 3/10, we mean the people who take your money and either NEVER return emails, phone calls, PM's or constantly fob you off with ever increasing feeble excuses - you will need to provide us with some evidence that YOU have tried to resolve this before we go posting names.

We are not going to become a dispute resolution service on your behalf so make sure you have done the resolution work first, if you don't you may find your own name listed as a whiny buyer.

We will see how it goes....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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