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OK,this time I really goofed. I left the rear right window opened about 3 inches in my 1985 190 D (2.2l), and it POURED allnight. The next morning after I opened the door, I heard the warning buzzard (before putting the keys anywhere near the ignition). I oushed '0' on the fan control and the buzzing stopped. however,all my gauges and the battery light were on. When I finally put the key in and tried to start the car, my preheating coil light did not come on (should not start the car before it goes off). the car started and Imade it to work, but after turning the engine off,the warning lights and the gauges were on again. I sprayed where I could with the RCR wire dryer stuff, but it did not help. Finally,I took out the pertinent fuses. the carpet in the rear right is soaked,and some wires run under. Any ideas? Just don't tell me I need a new brain box...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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