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dashboard covers??

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i hope i dont get tracked down like a heretic and burned at the stake for this, but what do u guys think about dashboard covers? mine has a couple of big cracks running thru it and i saw these on the website below and was wondering if any has ever used them.

please forgive this sacrilegious post
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they look, well, like a cover on your dash.. To be honest I'm not sure which is worse, cracked dash or a cover:-/

There are dash covers and dash caps – what you have there looks like dash caps designed to be glued to the old cracked dash. It’s the only way to go if you’re not going to replace the dash outright.

Dash caps may not be sacrilege but dash covers are. I don’t care because the sun will destroy an unprotected dash where I live. I have a dash cover on my 123 so I don’t mind them – I’d like to cover the dash on my 300 SE so it does not get cracked and cover the existing cracks on my 500 SEL.

Here’s a recent thread:
I have a hard plastic cover that was mode to the dash to get a good fix and it's the same color of the original dash. It okay to look at but still better than the cracks. BTW, I already got used to it now.
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