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Earlier I tried removing my dash panel on my CDI 110 in an attempt to look for any defective pin light and much to my surprise some of the indicator lights are not made up of a typical peanut bulb normally common on W123 & W124. I was hoping that I can easily take off the bulbs and replace it with new one as some of the indicators (i.e. ABS, Seat belts sign, etc) in my dash panel doesn’t come up to light whenever I start my start.

Upon examination some of the light indicator bulbs (those that are below and sort of icons in the panels) were quite small and attached on board permanently. Having seen its complexity, I decided not to work on it.

Now, the problem starts, when I tried putting all the dash panel and cover back together, as accidentally the flex cable that connects the board to the LCD screen (the one that shows mileage/clock) got disconnected from its terminal. (aarrghh). Knowing that it will be difficult to put it back again, as it should exactly match terminal per connection (and I was also thinking what to put in order to hold it together, as soldering it will definitely burn the carbonize flex connector) I decided to put a glue to tried to match each connection using a magnifying glass as close as possible.

Now, after putting it back, and tested it, my LCD monitor doesn’t work perfectly as the digits (digital form) were distorted.

In that juncture, does anyone of you out there had the same problem? Appreciate if anybody can provide workaround on that problem.

Thanks in advance.

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