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Damage by big tires?

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I have 32" Super Swampers TSL/SX which I use for offroading. Had my G serviced a while ago and my mechanic showed me that all the needle bearings in the gearbox has been flattened like a pancake! He is thinking that the big tires could have something to do with it.
Are there any other things I should be worried about running big tires that could damage my G?

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Johan, never heard of such a diagnosis, but, now I am curious on how well does the 240GD engine moves your 32' tires. Do you run the 5,33 axle ratio?

regards, fernando
OK now. did you have troubles swapping it in? It is one of the upgrades I am considering.
the 240 is very very reliable, as reliable as underpower. I am rrunning 235x75x16 and is alreadya challenge.....

Thank you Johan, it does.
Upgrading to the 5-cyl 300D is probably my next change. My current configuration works fine in off-road (I would say just in rock crawling---mud or sand is a disaster), but in a highway is a problem to get to 65-70.
I imagine putting the 300D and a set of 33'' will probably give me 10 mph more of speed, with the same crawling as today, and also some more ground clearance due to the bigger tires....

Just out of curiosity, did you try your 32's with the 240D engine?

tks again.

I am in the process of lifting the body just by putting longer springs...probably no more than 2-3 inches.
If I could then swap in a set of 33' instead of my current 30', the combined raise will be close to 4 inches which will be great, but I can put the 33s unless I swap a 300D...the 240 already has a hard time with the 30s, imagine if I put 33s.

I keep looking for a donor to give me a 300D or even a 300TD....

regards, Fernando
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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