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Damage by big tires?

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I have 32" Super Swampers TSL/SX which I use for offroading. Had my G serviced a while ago and my mechanic showed me that all the needle bearings in the gearbox has been flattened like a pancake! He is thinking that the big tires could have something to do with it.
Are there any other things I should be worried about running big tires that could damage my G?

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yes the tires can damage stuff but i dont see it hurting a gear box. Axles and diff yes, more weight = more stress...

But a 32 TSL SX Is really only 31.2 tall and 9.9 inches wide if you have 32 11.50 15. for example a stock 02 in my case G500 has 265-60-18's which are 30.0 tall and 10.4 wide, and cause no problems. Im currently running 275-65-18 which are 32 tall and 10.2 wide and have had no problems.

all as one of my frieds what else will cause that, he builds all sorts of race cars and off truck for people.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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