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D2B Fiber Optics for PSE.. 00 S430

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Hi guys, I just found this forum.. I purchased an elimiator cable and V60 BT puck.. but I have no power to it.. I took trunk apart and found the factory PSE and VR were not connected from factory.. they had the factory tape on them still.. I connected them but there are two F/O cables that I don't know what to do with.. TELE LINE IN and VR OUT.. Obviously they are to the D2B so they need to be plugged in to get this to work.. but I have spent hours now searching this site and there are no posts reguarding this! I am blown away.. I have seen several posts refering to the Phone Bulletin, but it simply speaks about making a loop but offers no information what so ever on doing this or what I need.. Do I need connectors? How do I loop this? Also my Star machine doesn't recognize the PSE until this is done, so I am stuck here.. thanks for any help.. I am so suprised I haven't found anyone else with this problem, I've found multiple mentions of the two cables being loose from factory but nothing on connections.. even tried searching for D2B loop, with no luck..

Thanks! My head hurts!
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Thanks for hanging in there and sharing all of your problems and solutions.

Makes me feel lucky. My e320 wagon (1999) had never had a phone, but the wiring was as expected (ie hooked up).

I installed the autosense PSE and the cable harness adapter as well as the cradle eliminator and the BT puck. This was all quick and easy and it worked.

I am still working on getting my Audio30 (becker 3302) to access the address book, but the basics are functioning.

Thanks again for sharing.
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