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D2B Fiber Optics for PSE.. 00 S430

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Hi guys, I just found this forum.. I purchased an elimiator cable and V60 BT puck.. but I have no power to it.. I took trunk apart and found the factory PSE and VR were not connected from factory.. they had the factory tape on them still.. I connected them but there are two F/O cables that I don't know what to do with.. TELE LINE IN and VR OUT.. Obviously they are to the D2B so they need to be plugged in to get this to work.. but I have spent hours now searching this site and there are no posts reguarding this! I am blown away.. I have seen several posts refering to the Phone Bulletin, but it simply speaks about making a loop but offers no information what so ever on doing this or what I need.. Do I need connectors? How do I loop this? Also my Star machine doesn't recognize the PSE until this is done, so I am stuck here.. thanks for any help.. I am so suprised I haven't found anyone else with this problem, I've found multiple mentions of the two cables being loose from factory but nothing on connections.. even tried searching for D2B loop, with no luck..

Thanks! My head hurts!
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If you go to the phone bulletin for your car at Install Bulletins/S 00.pdf it shows you exactly where to plug the connectors into it. Those will be the "Tele Line In" fiber optic cables, which terminate in one connector. See Figure 8. The connector on the end of the fiber optic cables will go into the side of the PSE.

While the bulletin isn't as specific regarding the Voice Control, if you inspect the VCM (or VR - Voice Recognition) you will see the receptacle for the fiber optic connectors as well. That's where your "VR out" fiber optics cables go.

While your'e at it, be sure the 25-pin connector is plugged into the PSE, and that the 15-pin connector from the PSE is plugged into the Voice module.

If you follow those steps, you will have established the physical loop the way it should be. With the required fuses in place, you should get power to the system; and your tech should be able to program the COMAND for the equipment.

I disagree that the phone bulletin simply talks about making a loop. It is the very bulletin used by the installation techs who installed the phone systems at the point of entry into the U.S. - while the black & white ones aren't as good as the color ones for later models, they should get you through it. You may have to study the photos a bit, and follow the text carefully.

It is obvious that a prior owner has messed things up for you. Nothing about your current equipment is standard. I suspect he had some 3rd party add-on for a phone system, and disconnected the OE system; that would explain the extra wiring in your console, and the current state of the OE in your car. I suggest starting as if there were NO equipment installed, and work your way through. Keep in mind that you do not need the antenna switch or the linear compensator. They go to the external antenna in your rear bumper, and it is not used in a Bluetooth system. It won't hurt to leave them connected if they are - but if they are completely missing, they aren't necessary.

I appreciate your help, I have the connector with the f/o plugged into the PSE, I am talking about the two loose F/O lines, one says VR out and the other says TELE LINE IN.. the other end of them has a connector that goes into the PSE like figure 8.. but where does the other end go? That is my issue..

Also, the cut lines were a Sirius box.. as for the fiber optics and PSE, all was untouched with factory tape.. I have read on this board in a few posts that the two loose fiber optic lines are normal and need to be looped in.. Infact if you read the bulletin you posted, on the top under notes it mentions the two connections I am talking about stating the tele is an angle connector and the other is straight

If you think about it, when they come from the factory unplugged like this they can't connect the end of fiber optics to the loop without the other end going into something..


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I have been trying to respond, but had some problems with the site.

It is strange that with all of the connectors present and with the PSE and VCM present, that all of the lines were not connected properly. When I worked on my '00 9 years ago, they were.

To what are the ends of the fiber optics cables going to the PSE and the VCM connected now? In a fiber optic daisy chain, a lead would go from the fiber optic controller (your COMAND), possibly through some other components, to the PSE; into the PSE then back out of it, and then into the VCM and back out; and the line coming out of the VCM would then connect to another component.

It may be (and this is a GUESS on my part, since I have not seen the f/o in my '00 for 9 years) that the "Tel In" labeled line goes to the input side (red raised end on the 90˚ connector) on the PSE; that the white side lead then goes from the PSE to the VCM red side; and the VCM white side then goes back to the cable labeled "VR out." That would create a daisy chain. It would use all of the f/o lines.

BTW, the '01 phone bulletin is a little clearer, and has the f/o loop diagram. The '01 bulletin differs mainly where it shows installation of a VCM stalk, which your car does not use.

The splicing to the "Tel In" and VR Out" would be done with single inline splicers - inexpensive plastic components the dealer should have.

A more certain way would be to look at a '00 that has its phone system untampered with. Sorry, I just cannot recall just how they were connected in my '00.

I agree, upon review, that the '00 phone bulletin could be more clear on this point; your additional explanation that you have plugged in the 90˚ and the straight connectors helps, as does your photo. It seems to me that when the PSE and VCM were put into place, and the f/o cables that came with them as part of the installation kit were installed, whoever did it never spliced those kit cables into the two loose leads in your picture (or, alternatively, they removed the splicers to take the PSE and VCM out of the loop). So it begs the question asked above: What are the kit leads (with the 90˚ and straight connectors) connected to at their other ends?

I would almost bet, to nothing.
Hey Sky, I think you misunderstood me on this.. The ends that go into the PSE and VR, the plastic things that have two lines in them are there and plugged into the correct items.. but one end from the PSE goes into the VR one, and the other end is the connection I need to connect somewhere.. then the same thing with the VR connection.. it has one end that is loose that needs to go in somewhere.. I didn't use any angle or straight connections, I don't have anything like that, I was just stating that the buletin states those two loose connections require those fittings.. I don't really have another 00 car to look at.. I guess I am screwed here.. as for whoever did the retrofit.. this was all factory.. untouched.. I have read where others have had theirs this same way.. the fittings were all taped up with factory tape.. The buletin explains they need to be daisy chained but it doesn't state where.. only that this should be device 3.. and the VR is 4..
You are not screwed - don't give up. Check the phone bulletin for an '01 or an '02 for the fiber optic diagram. However, you're not quite following what I am saying.

The two wires in your photo that are not connected (the Tel Line In and the VR Out) go to the fiber optic controller (your COMAND unit - possibly via other equipment). They are present specifically to be able to add other equipment to the fiber optic loop. When the PSE and VCM were installed, they came with two cables each that terminate in their respective 90˚ and straight connectors.

I have a suspicion that your PSE and VCM may be plugged into their respective 90˚ and straight connectors - but at the other end of those leads, they are connected to nothing.

To complete the loop and get your PSE and VCM into it, I believe that the Tel Line In lead must be connected with a single-line splicer to the input side of the PSE's leads. The "VR Out" would be connected to the output side of the VCM's leads. And the PSE output should be connected to the VCM's input side - spliced.

I could be entirely wrong - so other than that, once again I suggest looking at a properly functioning '00 model, and being sure your leads are connected the same way.

A D2B splicing connector looks like this:
Thanks Sky, but I think I have it figured out.. like I said these connections are coming out of the connectors that go into the PSE and VR.. they are the other ends to the 90deg and straight connector.. From what I have read, I need to make this the third device on the chain.. so I have to connect the TELE IN to the output of the CD changer.. and then take the VR out and connect that to the end link that was going into the CD CHANGER.. so I am off to buy a coupler like the picture you posted.. hope all goes well! Also, the 90deg and straight end are daisy chained already from factory so I beleive the TELE IN and VR OUT complete the loop when entered into the ring like stated above.
Okay here is an update: I bought the coupler and hooked up the daisy chain. I used my expertise in electronics to hook it up the way I thought it needed to be, the way I mentioned above.. Anyway, I was correct because it worked, and now in STAR under actual D2B values it shows the Cellular Phone and Voice Command as item 3 and 4, in the correct locations. The problem is, the V60 puck still has no power. Now the screen says Error: No Phone Connected!, which is a step up as before it said not installed. Now, when I go to CTEL in STAR it says that it can't determine my PSE's version.. but it does show me some data, something under a version type thing said something like 01/02.. Anyway, I can't believe the amount of problems I am having with this damn thing, it is by no means plug and play.. anyway, the car is now configured for it, but the phone doesn't work.. my PSE doesn't have a blue slash on the sticker.. Any ideas what to do now? Please! I Need to get this done and get back to work! Thanks!

EDIT: Just incase I do need that Universal PSE I checked the part number with my parts rep and it is NLA, no longer available..
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UPDATE: I went to the junk yard and found a V60 PSE with correct numbers as I had the Startac box.. I plugged it in and same thing, no phone plugged in.. We thought maybe the box was bad so we found another box which was Autosense. Plugged that in and you guessed it, same thing.. Error: No phone installed ! ... I ended up buying the Autosense box for $40 and installed it anyway as obviously my box won't work anyway.. but I am at a loss.. I don't know what to do.. this has taken two days of my life and hundreds of dollars.. I could really use anyones help!
UPDATE: I have solved my problem.. The RJ45 connection in the glove box is just an extension, there is another factory RJ45 if you pop off the back of the center console. I was looking at the wiring diagram on Dick's site and it showed a connection with the RJ45.. sure enough if you pop that panel the connection is right there, you plug it into the RJ45 and the one in the center console now works.. as soon as I get some time this will be my first write up for others with an 00 that didn't come with a PSE connected.. everything was wrapped in factory tape/felt loom so I know it was untouched..
Wow, I an glad you found that! Prior owner had indeed screwed it up, but not in the way I thought he might.

You're better off with the Autosense PSE than the Startac - it passes caller ID information. My old Startac wouldn't do that.

We'll appreciate the writeup. I'll annotate a link to it in the How-To Guide.
Thanks Sky, I wrote it in the W220 forum as I figure it was a W220 specific.. Actually the Sirius box I found was wired witha wire to the head unit, so I did some research on the part number.. it's a unit for a Kenwood HU so I think the PO put an aftermarket stereo in the car.. well, obviously he did.. I don't think they ever touched the D2B system, it was all bound up with factory tape and all tags were untouched.. same with the connector in the center console it had that same tape that the wiring looms are wrapped in.. that felt fabric tape.. From my research I have found that the two loose fiber optic wires in the back are normal for cars that have the PSE but aren't connected.. not sure why some aren't connected, but cars without the cradle aren't from what I have been told.. maybe the connector in the console isn't disconnected from factory, that I am not sure.. but I had no idea it could even be disconnected from there so I figure a write up noting it is a good measure incase anyone ever has a problem they will know to check that connection too.
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The cars come from Germany with the basic fiber optic harnesses in place, but without the handsfree electronics. The PSE, antenna coupler, linear compensator, and cradle (for systems using one), and the VCM, if ordered, were installed at a preparation facility at the Port of Entry in the U.S.

The PSE and VCM kits also had short fiber optic harnesses - the ones ending in the 90˚ connector and the straight connector that plug into the PSE and the VCM, respectively.

I have no idea why a car would have that equipment installed and the harnesses left disconnected, but apparently that was the case with yours. No tech had completed the fiber optic "daisy chain" the phone bulletin discusses.

But the real curve ball was the phone system's RJ 45 connector in the console being replaced by one for an entirely different system.
The story of my life! I always have the odd ones! I am starting to see what you mean about this posting in multiple forums, I feel like I am having a conversation with one person via multiple chat rooms! I have no idea what the deal is with that RJ45.. but I did find out the PO took the whole Comand out and used a Kenwood HU.. So I don't think the D2B was tampered with, but really, who knows..
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