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Does anyone know of the availability of the schematic of the internals of the ECU as used on D-Jetronic injected M116 and M117 V8 engines (ie. 1969 to 1975)?

Recently I had to repair mine (faulty driver transistor disabled one pair of injectors) and in the past I have had to repair friends units (usually dry or fractured solder joints). In each instance I have done so without a schematic (tedious), only the vehicle wiring diagram which shows what connects to each terminal on the ECU. A friend lent me his spare unit while I repaired mine although his had a different fault which I was able to temporarily get around while I repaired mine. I would now like to repair his unit for him.

I have since located a schematic on the internet for a 4 cylinder version (Volkswagon, I think) of the D-Jetronic ECU which at least gives some clues, however the Mercedes V8 version would be of greater assistance.
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