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You can swap injectors, no problem, never did it on my kid's SLK, but I'm sure it similar to other cars so these are generic instructions. Find the fuel rail and disconnected from the fuel line. Remove any bolts holding the fuel rail down. Disconnect any wires in the way and pull the rail away from the injectors, may take some effort, but most are held in with friction. Disconnect the harness from the injectors you want to swap, there's usually a clip you can pry with a screwdriver. Then pull out the injectors. They sell injector pullers for this purpose, just be careful not to damage it coming out if you want to reuse them. Lube the injector seals before putting it back together and take your time, it's not that hard, certainly not harder than plugs and coil packs, just different.

Maybe someone can post more SLK 230 specific instructions, maybe you can after doing it. Checking parts at, a genuine MB injector is $133 and new seals are $2.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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