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cylinder head swap

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HI, Can anyone tell me if heads from a 560sel will fit on a 420sel. I am a new member and I have an 87
420 sel and a n 89 560 sel. The 560 is immaculate
but the 420 has bent valves on left side. Thanks
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Nope..One's a 116 the other a 117.

Thanks Jonathon,what other problems am I looking at
in repairing my 420 sel with bent valves on the left
side. I know to replace chain and tensioner.
Thanks, Chuck.
Well, since you'll be pulling the heads I would have a valve job done. Also, check and make sure that the cam isn't bent. Your local machine shop should be able to take an accurate measurement.

You also need to replace the guide rails for the chain as well.

Let me know if I can help w/ any of the parts you need.

Thanks Jonathon, I"ll check with you about parts
as soon as I get the heads off.
hello and happy thursday, Another suggestion would be to replace your heads with remanufactured ones. You can easliy spend a bunch when having yours reground and new springs and valves and all. Because if you are taking both of them off to have it done you better use all new parts, not just replacing your broken valve. Guides, seals, valves, springs, keepers and ll will add up not to mention labor. has your heads for $400-$500 or so for each. And, yes, I would replace chain guides as well. good luck and get that thing back on the road!
Have a special day,
Thanks Goody, I intend to put it
back on the road,it is
a nice car with only 130,00 miles. Chuck.
Here is a picture of my 1989 560 sel,I"ll get more


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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