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Hi, after sending my TCU off for repair at ecu testing the garage refitted it and all was well when I drove the car home. The next day I started off and an awful screeching/grinding noise was evident, so I returned home, let the car warm up and checked the leval. With engine up to temp and running I inserted the dipstick until it bottomed out and no oil on dipstick !!!!!
I had a litre of oil so I added that and after checking the leval on the dipstick it was about 1cm up from bottom. I then went for a drive and all was well.
I presume because the oil leval when cold was so low the oil pump in the CVT was running dry, when I drove home the car was warm and the leval slightly higher so no noise.
Anyone else experienced a screeching/grinding noise from the transmission ?

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I see this all the time.
1cm from the bottom is not enough. 4cm sounds better.

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the sound when too low will make a horrible plastic flapping sound and after all no wonder , and no wonder it screeched at you like a wild vulture while driving it, i added four litres to mine after the valve body was removed , mine was on a angle so it drained completely ! it took 5.8 to shut the vulture up. check with a dip stick and the correct one for benz while HOT
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