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Custom mufflers for R230

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I brought my car into a local stainless exhaust shop. They measured the oem mufflers, and indicated they did not know of any Magnaflow universals that would fit (I really doubt them though).

That being said, what custom exhaust mufflers have you used and what did they sound like? What models fit? Liked the Magnaflow on my CLK500, but the SL is a totally different size and set up. Want to avoid Eisenmann, Remus, Brabus, etc. due to cost vs performance constraints.........
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The simple way to get awesome sound (like AMG) it's just removing mufflers and putting 3"-3.5" pipe. It could seem too loud, but sound is sick!

I just made this mode few days ago, so I'm still getting' high riding my SL:) I'll make a video on weekend and will share, how it sounds...
I could live with it...........but my wife........nope.........
I could live with it...........but my wife........nope.........
I agree... Well, looking from the point that only I drive my ride, so I took this opportunity to cut those mufflers off :D
Now I just need quad tips that fit SL500 bumper and it will be just super :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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