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Yep it existed.

Off with his head!
Well that is what happened to that
Saddam Hussein dictator in Iraq.

He had 8 white 1988 560SEL's, all of them in white, with identical license plates on them and when he went to hostile or iffy villages, he sat in the back of one of them and the 6-8 identical 560SEL's were constantly shuffled back and forth so it was impossible for assassins to figure which car Saddam was riding in at any given moment, in the back seat, behind the factory MB CURTAINS.

I believe it was called the "guards" option that included the curtains, with bullet proof glass, that evil potentates, plutocrats, dictators, and mafiosi liked to order with their new 560SEL.

I believe i dug up the options sheet of the russian Vin check site long ago, i will try and find it.

edit: (from 2009)

Saddam's 560SEL W126 fleet had curtains.


Originally Posted by Snibble
Did anyone else see or hear of electric side window shades? I don't know if they're electric curtains or shades like for the rear window... but will hopefully soon find out.

I did a bit of poking around in the internet and benzworld archives revealed this:


Baghdad, Iraq, November 4, 2002: "Nassar made the trip to the interview in three different government owned Mercedes Benz, each with curtains over the side windows"

Saddam ordered a fleet of 6 arctic white 1988 Mercedes Benz sedans, with blue velour interiors, the armored package, microphones inside and a device that shot flames out the sides of the cars, to prevent crowds from getting too close..

In 2003, following the fall of Iraq an American occupation soldier spotted one such car parked in a residential neighborhood in Baghdad and bought it from the person inside the house where it was parked, for $5,000 and the person who had the caqr showed hin a piece of paper in Arabic showing it had belonged to the Iraqi Government.

He then shipped it through Jordan, Syria, Greece and Spain and imported it to the USA illegally, where the US customs seized it but finally released it.

He then put it on ebay sometime ago for $2,000,000 but no takers.

Here was the benzworld post of mine, from back then:

This is evidently the one that the American soldier William Von Zehle smuggled out of Iraq after buying it off a looter for about $5,500 who had stolen it when the regime fell, when he spotted it at a house in Baghdad, where it was parked.

The last I heard was that it had been confiscated by the US government as illegal war booty.

May have been partly or fully released from the DOT at this point.....

Other sticker says: Original manufacterer's Identification number substituting for US VIN is located on firewall and under the windshield.

VIN # shows as WDB1260391A424180

Model: 560SEL

Delivery date 16.08.88

Order No.: 0 8 833 15099

Dealer: Iraq (833)

Interior: Velours blue (972)

Paint: arctic white (147)


(226) footrests in the rear

(251) Becker Radio Mexico cassette, full stereo, electronic

(406) Single seat with front seat orthopaedic backrest, front and right

( 442) Airbag in steering wheel

(481) Undershields

(490) elimination of windshield /washing water- heater

(581) automatic climate control

(682) fire extinguisher

(979) safety version

I wonder if the "Undershields" and "Safety version" are special "Guards" (bulletproof) type options.

No mention of the curtains as factory options, though the Russian website for vinchecks is not infallible.

I wonder what DOT and EPA releases are included with the vehicle, as it appears to NOT be certified yet, in that shape. BIG question there.

VERY likely it is the real deal. Has the rear and back window curtains, in it, too.
Kalifornia escribe:

Side curtains:
295 Vorhang an Fondtürfenster links und rechts

mclare escribe:

48HP tracked down the Mfg. for the side curtains and I contacted them to purchase the side/rear curtains they asked me if I wanted them powered or not.

They are the OEM maker and supplier to MB and still provide them with their curtains.

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