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Curbed 18" Rim - Can I use as full spare in trunk?

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I curbed one of my recently purchased 18 inch rims. The damage isn't "that" bad but in my eyes (call me a perfectionist) I would like to have it either repaired or consider using it as a full spare replacement and put it under the trunk and buy a new rim and tire. Any thoughts as to fitmet in the trunk compartment? I know that the lexus is300 can fit a full 17 inch rim and tire down there. I personally would never feel safe using the provided doughnut so I wouldn't mind a full spare. Care to comment?
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As long as the over-all diameter of the tire is the same as stock, I don't see there being a problem.
Yeah I need to check out the diameter and I know the width is larger so that might create a problem as far as the trunk lining laying flat.
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