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cuiseotrol need info

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hi all,trying to diagnose the cruise on a 85 380sl.looking at the actuator in parts they call it a vacuum actuactor.that confuses me. it has no vacuum hoses going to it and it does have an electric motor on it. can any one explain this.....does the motor run an internal vacuum pump? is there a diaphragm inside or what?????? I have Mitchell on demand but can find no info on how the actuactor works. please help
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The Mercedes part catalog calls it Control Unit / Actuator. No mention of Vacuum. The early models used vacuum.
A quick shout out to Kris AKA @JamesDean for solving my non-functioning cruise control. I shipped Kris the speedo, module, and actuator and in a very short period of time he identified/fixed the issue and returned everything to me. My mechanic, Tom, and I replaced everything, and voilá, CC is working great! I highly recommend Kris if you have CC issues.

Now I just need to go cruising on a nice road trip! I'm really going to enjoy the accel/decel control, which strikes me as having been ahead of its time back in 1985, although my cursory google search yielded no verification of when the first accel/decel stalk appeared. Maybe someone else knows?

Another interesting observation: I noticed that my accel/decel stalk works differently from any modern cars I've driven. In my experience, in modern cars a nudge on the accel/decel stalk (or buttons) changes speed a pre-determined interval, i.e. ~2 mph, and no more or less. By contrast, in my SL I simply hold accel/decel as long as I want until it reaches the speed I want, at which point I let go and the speed is maintained. I actually like this better, as I can nudge the stalk just once to reach the desired speed, whereas on modern cars I must nudge it multiple times to reach the desired speed when the desired speed difference is greater than the pre-determined interval.

So there are my cruise control thoughts for the day.
My 2008 Edge and 2004 truck must be old. I can accelerate to the speed I want by by keeping the cruise button increase depressed.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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