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cuiseotrol need info

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hi all,trying to diagnose the cruise on a 85 380sl.looking at the actuator in parts they call it a vacuum actuactor.that confuses me. it has no vacuum hoses going to it and it does have an electric motor on it. can any one explain this.....does the motor run an internal vacuum pump? is there a diaphragm inside or what?????? I have Mitchell on demand but can find no info on how the actuactor works. please help
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thanks for the reply. yes I know how the vacuum is created.and the actuactor indeed looked to me to be totally electric,but the parts books keept calling it a vacuum act..i do appreciate your conformation. most cars I deal with are American and most of them still utilize vacuum servos up until electric throttles took, ill take a car with a throttle cable over throttle-by-wire any day of the week. just my opinion. thanks again for the reply,barry
cool,i was looking at after market and learn. I have often wondered why the service book and the parts book will call the same part different was always been bad about that.
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